Astra is like an Echo in your pocket

Try Alexa

Curious what Alexa can do? Try the capabilities of the Alexa platform for a fraction of the price of an Echo.

Control Your Home

Set up your smart home products in the Alexa app, then use Astra to control them from anywhere.

Weather Updates

Check the weather at home, in the city, or for any location Alexa supports weather reports.

Prime Ordering

Purchase products through Prime, including special Alexa-only deals.

So Many Skills

There are thousands of third-party skills available for Alexa, and they work great in Astra.

News Updates

Add news sources and ask for the latest updates.


"What's the score of the Iowa State game?" Ask for scores, updates, and more.


Stream content from certain providers and skills.

Note: Prime Music, Audible, and other Amazon or third-party services may not be supported due to licensing restrictions.

How It Works

Common Questions

Do I need an Echo to use Astra?

No. Astra works great without an Echo. Use Astra to try the Alexa service before you buy an Echo.

Is this type of app allowed by Amazon?

Yes. Amazon supports third-party device and application integrations with the Alexa Voice Service. That service is fully documented and available to developers who are part of the Amazon Developer Program.

Does Astra work with Smart Home devices?

Astra works with Smart Home Devices supported by Alexa. Follow the instructions provided by your device manufacturer to connect your devices to Alexa, then use them anywhere with Astra.

Can I add Alexa support to my own app?

Don't see your question?

Check out the FAQ section in the app for other questions, or send yours in.